Fashion Show

Sorry I was silent last week.  On Saturday night I attended a Fashion Show with the ladies from work and one of my Radiologists. 

The models were all cancer survivors.  This is such an empowering moment for them, to strut the catwalk.  Most fashion shows are quiet and respectful not at this one, it was a requirement to hoot and holler for the models. 

fashion showMe and two of my colleagues at our table.

We had a great time.  I am glad I went to the event with my friends.

I rented a hotel room nearby so I would not have to drive home afterwards. The Radiologists with us paid for our drinks, it was a good thing I got to walk to my room.

The hubs and the dogs waited for me in the hotel room.  He ordered room service for me as they did not provide food to go with the alcohol.  That was the best steak salad ever!  Even if it was eaten at 10 pm.

Of course by Wednesday of this week I had a cold.  I have not been sick in over a year and have not handled this one well.



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