My workplace does not currently have a cafeteria, this means we must all bring our lunches if we are to eat.  I could drive to a few fast food places nearby, however; that would take my entire 30 minutes.  So bring my lunch is what I do most days.  Leftovers are usually the name of the game.  Occasionally I take some tuna.  A little tuna salad with veggies and veggies as the chips helps me eat more of the good veggies we all need.

One of my favorite bloggers/podcasters Liz Wolfe talks about eating sardines here.  They are suppose to be very good for you.  I have tried a few times to eat them,  the bones kinda creep me out and they smell much worse than tuna.  This week I noticed in passing an items on my Facebook page about tuna containing soy.  I thought no way.  It is tuna, soy has nothing to do with tuna, right?  Am I right?  NO!!


Check that sh*t out.  Smack dab in the center of the label contains fish and soy. Now WTF?  why add soy to a perfectly good product? 

Over two years ago during an enforced week off from work I found all kinds of blogs that gave me information on the food that we eat and how bad it all is for us.  We exist in a world of chemicals.  I try to not eat any GMO corn or soy.  So how then did I not know that my tuna contained soy?  This was one label I figured I did not need to read.  What a moron, huh?  I suppose this means more Sardines for me.  Wonder if I can make them tasty to take to work?  I believe this is my project for the next few weeks tasty cooked sardines.

Do you read labels?  Does anything on them amaze you?



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