Story Time

Not much happening this week around my little homestead.  Tomatoes still growing crazy like.  Gave lots away this week so I would not have to can again this weekend Winking smile.  The weather has been beautiful.  What better time to read a book, right? 

I love getting my books from Story Bundle.  One of this months bundles is Dark Fantasy.  That is urban fantasy with a dark twist.  Story Bundle runs on the premise of I pay what I want if I pay at least the minimum then I get all titles.  I can choose to donate money to a charity as well and with all the “ice bucket” challenges going on out in the world this month I can choose ALS to donate to.  They support multiple formats, Kindle, Nook, tablets and smartphones.

Story Bundle is a great concept.  They offer different bundles about every 20 days.  If you get a chance check them out.

My first love was reading.  Books can take me to fantastical places and far away lands.  I can travel the world and meet interesting people.  I have to thank my grandmother for my love of books.  She started me reading at a very early age.

Do you read?  Have a favorite genre or author?  I would love to hear more…..



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