I have not talked about any video games in a while.  That is because I am not really playing any.  Warlorads of Draenor the next expansion for World of Warcraft will not release until November 11, 2014.   While that does not sound like that far away in game time it is forever.  We have not raided since early July.  That is a long time for our group to not be together. I am sure when the next expansion drops most of our group will come back, however; not sure if it will be enough.  We will see.

I have heard about a new IOS game Revolution 60, this game was designed by women.  The entire company is women.  You can get the first chapter for free to try it out here.   Good game play and  storyline.  It is a little more that this cheap girl wants to pay for an IOS game but, the first chapter was fun.

The hubs and I are playing a little Star Wars the Old Republic again.  They dropped 5 new levels, new gameplay is always appreciated.

I have been playing a lot of IOS games like Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Bubble Witch Saga 2.    The hubs plays all kinds of steam games(too many to list Smile). 

One game I have been loving is The Wolf Among Us.  This is by Telltale games and is very similar to The Walking Dead, they are story type games with some game play and lots of violence.  I am on the last chapter of the Wolf so today I will probably finish it Sad smile.

Hopefully November will arrive soon so I can play more WoW.  I miss my fix.

What games are you playing?



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