1st Time canning with pressure

While growing up my mom had a pressure cooker that she made pinto beans in.  After reading all the info on how great these appliances are I figured my mom had no idea how to use hers.  She would cook those beans all day.  Little water and the pinto beans.  The little weight on top would be making it’s steam sounds for hours on Sundays.  Due to that history, amazing how things from our childhood refuse to let go, I did not want a pressure canner/cooker. 

Yesterday I was contemplating my tomatoes and the need to start canning some.  Google search here I come!    While tomatoes can be waterbath canned, pressure canning is quicker, especially at my altitude.  Off to the store the hubs and I go to peruse the canning equipment.  I bought the Presto 23 Quart Pressure Canner.  It is probably bigger than I might need but, have you seen my garden and all those tomatoes? I found a better deal online, then it would have arrived on Tuesday and I would have wanted to try it out.  That never ends well.

pressure canner

Used it yesterday and

tomatoesWaala!  Three pints of tomato sauce.

Not a huge amount I know, for my first attempt not bad either.  I need to find me some quart jars and plan on canning more next week. 

I am hoping my tomato plants last for a while longer.  There is a horrible virus going around and destroying tomato plants.  I believe 2 of my plants have it and of course one is the cherry tomato plant, tragic just tragic.

Do  you can with a pressure canner?  Any tips?



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