Birthday Gift

For my birthday the hubs actually did give me a present, regardless of what I alluded to here.  He tried hard to get me  my present ON my birthday.  The world conspired against him. I did however finally get my present yesterday.


can you guess what it is?

hibiscus tattoo 2

Yes!  A beautiful tattoo. I have been talking about getting another one for probably years.  It is my biggest one to date. 

The hubs tried to go with a tattoo artist that our nephew knows.  She was flaky.  Did not return emails or calls for over 2 months.  Finally called on my birthday and still would not give a date for the tattoo.  The next weekend we drove to GJ to see her and she was booked until October and would not give a date for October.  She informed me I would have to come in the end of September to get an October date.  I don’t know about your schedule but, mine opens the next month i.e. my October would open August 1st.  We decided to find someone else to do my tat.

The artist I found is close to my house and did an AMAZING job.  I love my tat.  My leg is sore and wearing shoes for the next week or so will be a problem.  I have to figure out how to not let my boss know I am wearing flip flops to work.

My present may have been a little delayed, but it was all the better for the care and love that went into choosing it.  Thank you Hubs for the best present you could have given me.

Do you have tattoos?  Do you have a regular tattoo artist?



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