House Work

The hubs had the week off and tackled another home project.  Poor guy needs time off where he does not have to do work on the house.

When we first got the new countertops the hubs asked if I was excited to get them, I said no because we never finish a project.  Here the new countertops were installed, I was thinking it was about a year ago, nope, December 2012.  Time flies huh? 

The hubs ripped out all the old tile above the countertops, retextured, painted and then …….


TADA!  Beautiful new backsplash, paint and no more ugly tile.  The backsplash really ties the kitchen together.

I am always amazed at what my hubs can accomplish by himself.  No one has helped him with any of the projects that he has done in the house.  The next kitchen project will be to paint the cabinets and attach new hardware, that will be a joint project.

Thank you sweetheart for making all these wonderful improvements to our home.  You are AMAZING!



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