WTF is with all the weeds?

This week alone I have probably spent over 2 hours weeding the strawberry bed.


As you can see I am not sure I made any kind of dent in the weeds.  Most are some form of puncturevine a.k.a. goathead.  I am currently searching for other ways to eliminate these horrible weeds.  Anyone tried puncturevine weevils?  If so do they work?  I also read that high heat i.e. propane torch will kill the seeds.  Where do I find one of those?  If the hubs does that will he also kill all my strawberries?  Would that be an acceptable loss this year?  Maybe.

I have hated weeding anything for my entire life.  As a child I would do my best to not weed  as an adult I have no one to give that task to.  Sad panda Sad smile.

I do get to listen to my audiobooks and/or podcasts while weeding so that makes it slightly more enjoyable. 

We also have a pet pigeon.


He lives between my house and my neighbor to the left.  The neighbor said one day the pigeon flew into his front window, looked dazed and then never left.  He guards my house in the front during the day and visits both houses at will.  Pet guard pigeon.  Amazing.  I should feed him, wait I believe he eats some of those strawberries.

Do you have any options for the goatheads?  Should I name the pigeon?



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