Tomato Overgrowth

tomato overgrowth

One of my tomato plants perished in the early spring frost, the rest look like this.  They must laugh at the tiny tomato cage I gave them.  They expanded well beyond that.  Each. One.

I am not sure if it is the bees, or the compost tea I used early on, or maybe a combination of both.  I am unable to walk between the rows without stepping on plant.  Now if those darn tomatoes would start to turn red, orange, or blackish I would be happy.  The blackish one must be a heirloom tomato.  I thought that was the one to die, I must have purchased two.  That plant appeared to be struggling last week, lots of tomatoes, suddenly the top leaves and stems started dying.  It has grown out and not up it’s cage looks lonely .

For now I am going to enjoy the couple of tomatoes a day that I get as pretty soon I will not know what to do with them all.


This is Chief yesterday afternoon.  We had been in the pool and then when he got out he needed some chill time.  He dug a small hole, laid down, fell asleep and enjoyed the sun.  The life of a dog!

How is your summer going?  Tomatoes growing like gangbusters?



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