Book Review: Must Read!

Today I am going to talk about the book Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

Liz has written a wonderful book detailing all the lies that have been told to us about food for generations.  She is knowledgeable, funny and uses movie quotes at the exact time they should be used. 

I recommend reading this book not just for the funny aspect but, that we all need this information to make informed decisions about our food. 

The passage that struck me follows

“ Processed food, conventional wisdom, and calorie restriction wage war on health and hormonal balance.  Crap food simply doesn’t stimulate satiety, and it overstimulates fat storage and appetite while leaving us strapped for nutrition and hankering for more, more, more.  The result: We eat more that we need while becoming less healthy.” page 189

That statement makes you think huh?

‘If your food has a label read it.”

“The only food is the food that has always been food.”  page 176

These seem like commonsense things but, do we do them?  I have started reading more labels, takes much longer at the grocery store than it used to, however; I am eating better and feeling better.

Eat the Yolks is not full of recipes and pretty pictures, instead it is designed to make you think about your food choices helps you make better ones which will let you live healthier and feel better.

Go read this book and tell me what you think.



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