Time for a Bike

Not the kind of bike you are thinking of.  There will be no pedaling. 

The hubs and BIL got a screaming deal on a 1980 Shovelhead Harley


It needs some TLC and maybe some paint.  Not sure if we are keeping it or gonna try to resell.  The hubs is still making up his mind.  I will need to try to get insurance and plates so whatever he decides we can still take it for a ride.  My birthday is close to the 4th of July, so my joke for this week is that my husband bought himself a Harley for my birthday.  What a man!

Friday was July 4th.  Did you spend it shooting fireworks?  or just watching them?  We went to the SIL and BIL’s house for a BBQ and for the first time in years we were not under a fire ban, the boys appeared to have a blast shooting off their fireworks.  I am happy to report there were no injuries or fires.  I enjoy the BBQ’s at the in-laws.  The food is good and there is always some form of entertainment.

Enjoy these days of summer!



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