Games Galore

I have been playing some video games.  World of Warcraft is in a funk due to no current expansion release. 

Steam is having their semi-annual sale.  The hubs got so lucky in December at the sale that there is not much he needs/wants right now.  He has a few that will hopefully come on super sale in December but, for now he has only purchased two.  For him this is a record.

The game I convinced him to purchase is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, huge download, incredible graphics.  Great game play.  This was 40% off during this Steam sale.  I say that is well worth the price.

For myself, The Wolf Among Us was the game I was stalking.  Plays like The Walking Dead, by the same company Telltale Games,  these are more story driven, sort of like a graphic novel with a little fighting.  The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fable Graphic Novels.  Very good story and great game play.  Bonus is no motion sickness for Cheri.  Woot!

World of Warcraft has recently, Friday the 27th, put the next expansion  Warlords of Draenor into Beta, finally, right?  This girl was a lucky one to receive a Beta key, no I did not bribe anyone.  The download is huge!


Orc female with the new muscle structure and definition.


Original Orc female.   I believe the WoW dev team has done an incredible job with the graphics, detail and the beauty of the new character models.

I have joined the Beta to try to be a good Beta tester.  I do not want to “play” the game until it comes out, for now I am trying to see what bugs out and report it.

Playing any games this week?



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