Denver Comic Con Experience

Denver Comic con was last week and the hubs and I got tickets.  Last Friday I went to work for a half day, drove home, packed and got back in the car and the hubs drove us to Denver.  We usually split all drives about 1/2 and 1/2.  He did all the driving , such a great guy. 

We decided on Monday to take the dogs and stay an extra day,Friday, I tried to add a night to the hotel room we had reserved for Saturday and it was a no-go.  May have ended up with a second reservation and possibly having to change rooms.  That is so not convenient if you are in the middle of a huge convention center right?  I cancelled that reservation and made another at a hotel a little farther away.  We have stayed at La Quintas before and never had a problem.  They do not charge a pet fee, bonus! 

We checked in then went out to dinner at Roo Bar, good food and entertaining patrons.  When we got back to the room we discovered that the bad dogs had created carpet barrier to entry.  I believe I have one bad dog and his name is minion.  He is slightly anxious over separations

The next morning we went to breakfast and barricaded them in the bathroom with a blanket. That was also a no-go, blanket shredded.  We then drove to a Wal-Mart to find a dog kennel.  Those bad dogs howled in the kennel.  They wound up in the car for the con.  At least it was a parking garage.  The temps stayed in the high 70’s and we checked on them every hour.  Such spoiled dogs.

I had a great surprise at breakfast.  We went to the restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel  Old West Pancake House.  The server was my best friend from high school.  We have not seen each other for 22-23 years.  Some things never change.  She looks the same, a little older but don’t we all.  It brought great joy to me to see her again and connect.  Life is full of little joys we need to keep close and enjoy.

I have written so much I almost need a second post for the con stuff.  Wait, no, pics or it didn’t happen right?

comic characters

These are the incredible cosplayers I got pics of.  The time and attention that went into some of the costumes is A-Maz-ing!   


Some costumes were not as good or just there to show off the ass-ets.  The Zombies were different, they were not unique though, incredible huh?

comic cars

Cars from movies.  I was the geek about Herbie.


cheriraptor jesus

The hubs and I had a great time at the Denver Comic Con.  Loved seeing all the cosplayers and all the incredible artist.

That is all for now. 

Have you gone to a comic convention?  How was it?



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