Work Week

It has been a productive week around the house.  The hubs has been busy finishing the carpeting

carpet done

final room done!   Now come the thresholds and the baseboards……..they can wait a bit though.

The soffit on the back porch needed to be replaced so………………….


amazing huh?  A little paint and better than new.   

I am always totally blown away by my Husband.   He is the most incredible, talented man.  I am very lucky to have him in my life.

On Saturday we drove to Grand Junction to walk Community Hospital Magnet 5k.  This raises money for the nursing staff to attend the annual magnet conference.  We were only going to take the two pushy dogs.  When the hubs opened the door the old girl pushed her way out.  She,  my 15 year old Chihuahua, did an amazing job of walking about 1/2 the 5k.  Pretty good for an old girl.

bruin She is a doll. 

That was the busy week at my house.  Mostly the hubs worked huh?  How was your week?




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