18 Incredible Years

18 years ago today I married my best friend. 

We have been together through so much….. college years with no money, crazy family drama, our owen business then the implosion of our business.  All the drama the kid brought home during high school Smile.

We have stuck by each other no matter what.  I may not have married the man of my dreams, cuz lets be real that guy would be an a-hole with commitment issues no 13 year old has the best imagination, I did marry the man that makes me dream and makes those dreams a reality. 

You are kind, considerate, love me and our son, you make me laugh or cry or want to hit you.  As it should be.  You never make me feel unloved or unwanted.  You have been the best father to our son.  You are patient(mostly) sarcastic when required(or not).  Every day you make me think and reach for more for myself and for us.

I love you!!!!   NAF  Thank You for 18 incredible years together.  May we have many more.




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