Making a composter

After the chickens left the household I asked the hubs to make me a composter for all the food scraps that the chickens used to eat.  Fast forward to yesterday and it is done!

We got some pallets from the sister and brother-in-law (thanks guys).  The hubs set them up in the corner of the garden near the house.  We, I say that like I helped in this decision, decided we wanted to have access to the composter for the dirt,  duh huh?  So the hubs wire-tied the pallets to the fence and to each other.  This will allow us to open it and remove that wonderful dirt.  We discussed putting chicken wire around the inside to keep everything together, then the hubs had a brilliant idea to use cardboard boxes.  They will also break down and help the dirt.  He is a thinker that man.



The hubs did a great job!   Thanks hon.


While he was doing that I was planting some kale, lettuce and collard greens.


I am looking forward to all the bounty of my garden.


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