Still Winter?

It is the end of April and we are under a “winter storm advisory” this means the possibility of snow at my house.  That is crazy.  Mother Nature must be in  menopause.  All my lovely plants that I  purchased last weekend are still in the third bedroom.  Waiting for Mother Nature to stop freezing here.  Hopefully by this coming weekend I can plant.  We have 2 habanero plants I am unsure if they actually produce any fruit.  Mine last year looked beautiful but, no go.  This year I am going to plant them in pots and bring in for the winter to see if next year they produce any thing.  Any other ideas on those? 

The hubs also purchased

tepin 120 days to fruit.  This one is also going in a pot.  Any other ideas out there for these types of plants to bear fruit?

The bees are doing good, first sting of the hive happened on Thursday with the hubs.  By Friday I was glad I had my teeth cleaned and the hygienist gave me some commercial toothpaste as that what I used on him to stop the stinging.

Our neighbors tree(not sure what it is)  looks like this for the first time in over 11 years

treeThe hubs sees the bees come back to the hive covered in pollen.  He believes our bees are responsible for the tree to look like this.  I want to believe that our bees are already helping out the neighbors Smile

Do you grow hot peppers?  If so how?



One thought on “Still Winter?

  1. Valarie says:

    Maybe you are giving the peppers too much water? The tomatoes make a big bushy plant with no fruit when you over water them, so maybe?

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