Yesterday was the day the 3000 bees arrived.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!

We drove to Grand Junction to get our bees.  Did a little garden shopping while we were there. We went to Bookcliff Gardens to buy the veggies.  Only place I have found that has non-gmo plants. After that we went to get our bees. 

hive truck This entire truck appeared to be full of bees waiting for their new home.  The guys working it were so blasé.   They had no worries and I was all standing back and scared.  The hubs was swatting at a bee (we will be great beekeepers.)

bees and beerThe fruits of our morning.  Veggies, beer, and bees.

beesThe hubs was wonderful!   He did all the hard work.  I just stood back and freaked out.  I had one land on my face shield and I was all is it in our outside?  I was ready to rip off the helmet and start killing me some bees. 

The bees were slightly angry.  I would be too after being stuck in a box and driven by truck to someplace and then handed off to two novices that smack you around and dump you out of your box.    By the end of the day they had calmed down and the hubs was all standing by the hive without any gear.  I would get closer but, I am still very leery. 

I am excited to eventually get honey, and see what the bees will do with my garden.

I am off to enjoy my Easter Sunday. 

Have a great Easter.



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