It has been a stressful week. My department at work is moving to a new building.  It is difficult to move a radiology department most especially a mammogram department.  The machines must be moved, reinstalled, calibrated, inspected by a physicist, then eventually when all the paperwork comes back sent to the ACR, all before any patients can be done.  We just got the certificate of occupancy from the state on Friday afternoon.  Still no working computers or furniture and my boss said to start doing patients on Monday morning.  Heck when I did not hear from him by Friday morning I started cancelling Tuesdays patients.  Hopefully Monday all our boxes can be emptied and the furniture will arrive so we could do a few patients on Tuesday.  Finally, this has taken almost a month to complete.  The new building is beautiful.  Right now it is just a Medical Office Building, in the near future(unknown how far in the future) the hospital will attach to this building.

In other news let me introduce you to the Minion…………..

mininon Yes he looks just like Chief.

A while ago I was surfing a Facebook group called Western Slope Pets and Supplies.  I noticed his picture and had to have him.  I see puppies and other dogs on this site all the time and just think how sad, for some reason this one had to come home with me.  I met the lady at a convenience store in town and just said yes.  When he got home he bite the hubs and myself.  I was worried this would not work out, however; after he adjusted he fit right in.  He has so many quirks from some of our other dogs and then a few of his own. 

He did need to get fixed and to top that off he had an undescended testicle.  Poor guy has lots of stitches from his surgery this week.  He was whining and crying all night the first night.  We do get a good laugh from him though

minion 2 Space dog!!

He is doing much better now.

How was your week?



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