It has finally arrived!   So happy that Thursday was the first day of spring.  We, and by we I mean the hubs, raked the yard to get some leaves and branches for the firepit.  I know it also helps to clean up the yard, however; in my head it is just for the firepit.  On the first day of spring we had a fire in our firepit.  It was fabulous. Fresh air, frolicking dogs and fire.  They all go good together right? 

Spring also means garden and weeds.  This year I am trying some new ideas, weed barrier the kind you purchase and not just straw,   I just started my seedlings, better late than never.  I found that I did not have any tomato seeds.  What the hey!  How can I not have tomato seeds? 

Frugal girl struck again and I used eggshells and saran-wrap to make my seedling pots and hothouse.

2014-03-23 09.00.25  I know there are not lots of plants, it is just the hubs and I so I am going for quality and not quantity except in the case of tomatos and peppers. 

I am amazed at the price of cauliflower at the store, hence the thought that I will try to grow some this year.   Seeds or plant?  Will keep you posted on how that turns out.

Did you start your seedlings yet?  Are they sprouting?



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