You see dirt outside all the time, don’t know about yours but, mine is slightly gray.  It is full of clay and clumps like no ones business.  You might remember I was trying my hand at the worms again.  Well let me tell you ……..

2014-03-09 09.13.56 We go from this


2014-03-09 09.22.28this!     Yes this is worm poo.  The worms can’t survive in this so it needs to be harvested every three months.  I believe I was a little late.  Bad Cheri.  After pulling out as much as possible I started the worms on the next batch of worm poo.  I check on them about once a week to make sure they are still alive and boy are they growing!  I feed them some worm food and cardboard and happy worms they are.

2014-03-09 07.33.33 This is the most amazing soil I have ever touched.  

I am planning some strawberries this summer and am gonna mix this beauty into the soil I plant them in.  Just imagine.

If my dad, mom or brother could see me playing with the dirt they would think I lost my mind.  As a young girl I hated to get dirty.  Now I am all fingernails?  what fingernails I don’t need those. 

I do not have a composter, want one, need one, must consider one, until then this is my compost dirt.

Do you compost?



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