Steam Christmas Sale

I know you think the title is just the wrong huh?  There is a reason trust meWinking smile.

For Christmas (see brought it back) the son gave the hubs a Steam gift card.  During the part of the month of December Steam has huge sales. We are talking 50 –75% off and you know this frugal gal loves anything that saves money.   This lets the hubs get 5-7 games for less than one full price one.  Great deal huh? I have no idea how big his steam library is but, those jerks do these kinds of sales two times a year, I am betting almost 75 games. During this last sale the hubs purchased me a few games.  So nice of him. He loves me.    One of them is ……..

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

This story starts with one of the sons trying to save their mother from drowning, then cuts to her grave, sad way to start the game.  The other son is with the father, who is gravely ill.  The physician/town healer tells that son that to save the father he will need to retrieve an item from far away.  The two sons head off on the adventure to save their father.  They encounter all kinds of obstacles (to be expected huh?) in their quest.  A town bully, ravines, mountains, and giant ogres. 

This is a puzzle game with an added feature.  Obviously this is a pc game, however; you use an Xbox controller to control both boys at the same time.  This means you have to either have or get better at eye-hand coordination.  Me?  I am meh in that regards but, slowly getting better.  The puzzles are fun and imaginative. 

This game was designed by a Swedish film director, any dialogue is in Swedish and there are no subtitles.  You do get the gist of everything going on just by watching the interactions.  I am probably less than 1/2 way through the game still I give it 4.5 out of 5.   That darn controller is my issues with less than 5 stars.  That may be my issue and should not be taken out on the game though right?  Although 5 out of 5 is perfect and I have not played enough games to give anyone that kind of credit. 

Are you playing any good games?



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