V Day

Valentine’s Day was Friday this year, in case you were in a coma or under a rock, I worked, super busy, the hubs was home preparing our V Day night.  He is so great.  He cleaned the house, went to the grocery store and picked-up some movies. 

We had pesto chicken, butter-garlicky kale and baked potatoes all his ideas, I love this man.  Of course no photos, I did make us some dessert though.

valentine chocolate What do you think?  Homemade chocolate hearts for my love.  

We watched Ender’s Game.  Now the hubs and I listened to this audiobook from Audible.com  It was the 20th Anniversary edition.  This book has been out for 20 years and I am just now getting around to listening to it?  Where the hell was I?  It was a great story.  I cared about the characters, when it ended I wanted more! Based off of the audiobook the movie should be great right?  Nope.  Not worth the red box price of $1.50.  Book 5 out of 5 stars, movie 1 out of 5 stars. 

They should have made it 2 movies to cover all the content.  There were entire story lines eliminated and other cut to such a degree it was hard to follow while knowing more should be happening.

I usually do not like when books become movies, I grumble and bitch and the hubs says ‘it was fine.”  This time he was all “ Is this how you felt over the Hunger Game?  or Harry Potter?”  Finally he got my point of view.  Just took a few years to accomplish Winking smile.   The Hunger Games was probably one of the best book to movie transitions I have watched.  Most just leave me disappointed. 


How do you feel when a book gets made into a movie?  Like it or hate it?



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