Disorganized Chaos

About 7 years ago I ripped out all of the  carpet in our house, we have a concrete slab, crazy huh?  In my defense it was salmon colored, faded and very ugly.  I never thought it would take so long to get to the floors.  Included in this were the ceilings, they were that acoustic crap, it had to go.  Most of the ceilings had been scraped and then nothing.  Neither the hubs nor I want to live here for the rest of our lives, therefore; something has to be done.  So the hubs has been a painting, texturing, tiling machine this week.

  2014-01-20 10.55.03 Our bedroom before.

2014-01-26 08.57.02 Our bedroom after paint.  He has tiled the bathroom attached to our room and this week we get to find carpet.

Due to this destruction and mayhem our bed is in the living room.  All but one of the bedrooms received paint during this time.  I do not want to sleep in any of them so the decision was made to sleep in the main room until ours is done. 

Unfortunately for Amber that meant that some of the sections of couch had to go to the garage.  That is her bed in case you were wondering.  Some sections of the couch are still in the living room but, I guess they are not the right ones for her.  She found a new area to sleep until we are done.

2014-01-20 08.55.19 Goofy dog.

Did your week involve anything unusual?



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