Dogs and Chickens

Our house has been very quiet in the last few weeks.  We have all been slightly largely depressed since Little Man passed.  I saw this on Facebook this week 1607125_615682021813187_955984354_n very true.

Our pack is getting slightly smaller, the chickens are going to go live with a new family, probably my SIL.  The hubs does not really like them and I do not have the available time to do all the work myself to take care of them so off to a better home they will go.  It has been a learning experience I would not give up.

002 This is Remy, my mother brought her to Colorado for our son.  She has resided with us for about 2 1/2 years.  We decided it was time for her to go to her daddy’s house.  He needs her and she needs him.  So last weekend Remy left us to live in her new home.  I miss her but, it is not the same as with Little Man. 

Have a good week.



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