While it is January I am already thinking about my garden.  How about you?  Fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, lettuce.  I love spring and summer.  The better weather is just a bonus, ok  maybe a bit huge bonus after all the cold we have had.  We have been luckier then most this winter.  I am just really tired of cold and snow. 

Burgess seeds and plants sent me a catalog.  How did they find me?  I have not ordered any plants online.  Do they check my internet surfing history?    They have sucked me in.  They have strawberries.  I want to plant strawberries. 

Burgess is one of the companies recommended as non-gmo.  This is important to me.  My problem is I have a hard time growing things from seeds.  Maybe the house is too cold, I am thinking of getting a seed warmer, may need to do more research on how to grow seeds.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Are you dreaming of your garden?  Spring?  or just warmer weather?



One thought on “Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have been thinking about warmer weather and a garden. I envision a yard with a small garden and maybe a few free range chickens. However, I need to get my father better so I can move out.It’s all good and it’ll all work out.
    Happy dreaming of spring

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