Here is the Christmas post I talked about earlier this week.  My SIL’s mother and step-father live near Pismo Beach CA.  They let us all crash their house for a week.  Can you imagine?  7 people that includes 3 kids crashing a retired couples house for a week?  They are the best, most understanding couple ever.

I did not know them well before the week but, by the end I found them both to be a delight.  Very knowledgeable  about many things.  I enjoyed the time I spent with them. 

They (not sure what to call them, I did not ask permission to use their names, therefore they are a they for the purpose of this blogSmile) were great tour guides, taking us all over the area to see different beaches and towns.

066065 The adorable house we stayed in.

061A sand dollar with a live addition.  Local legend states that you will return if you find an intact sand dollar.  The first night on the beach the hubs and I both found one, this was before we heard the legend.  Guess we are going back.

052Marrow Bay.  It was foggy yet still beautiful.

054 The hubs <3.

042Me in the water at Pismo Beach, yes that is as far as I went.

037The hubs and the crazy pelican that should have charged to have it’s picture taken.  The pelican did not care who was nearby.


034Beautiful beaches, did not get a sunset image this time.

045Beautiful bay, not sure where it is or more precisely don’t remember.

2013-12-23 16.32.57 The one and only Pic of meSmile.

2013-12-25 17.54.33The BIL and his FIL after a long day at the beach.

Thank you to the SIL, BIL and their family for such a great week.  I love the area and can hardly wait to come back.

The only drawback was travel.  We drove.  That is a long drive from our house, about 17 hours in the car……………………….at least the hubs and I have audible and no little kids Smile.  We did break it up into 2 days in the car both ways.  The first night we stayed at Riviera hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Good location, clean room, big bed I do recommend this hotel.  On the way back we stayed at the Nevada state line at Whiskey Pete’s this hotel does not get even a poor recommendation from us.  Horrible room, bad restaurant, lacking customer service and very overpriced.

In all our vacation was wonderful.  I want to go back.




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