Little Man

I took a small break from blogging and upon my return I was going to talk about Christmas.  The SIL and BIL again helped us go to Cali for Christmas but… that is a story for another day.  Today I am writing to talk about the best little dog in the world. 

215Little man.

He was the best.  He was only with us for a short time but, in that time he packed a huge life.

When we returned from Cali he appeared to be fine.  Sunday morning one of the dogs vomited a little, just liquid nothing much.  Monday the hubs and I noticed 2 vomit spots, again not sure who or what was going on.  Little man did not eat much Monday night.  Tuesday morning he would not leave the bed with his dad.  He was very lethargic and would not eat anything but, did drink lots. 

I left work about 1 pm and drove home talking to the hubs, We decided I should get some rice and pedialite for him so he would not get dehydrated.   He seemed to get worse after I arrived home, even more lethargic.  I called the vet and he promised to see us Wed morning at 8 am.  By 9 pm he was even worse.  We got in the car and drove the hour to the emergency vet.  After an evaluation and lab work we were informed he had a heart murmur, kidney disease and liver failure.  His prognosis was poor.  We decided to get him some pain meds, take him home and go visit the normal vet in the am. 

We arrived home about 130.  We spent some time cuddling our Little Man.  He was out of it due to the pain meds.  We went to bed and about 330 he started having problems breathing.  By 545 our Little Man went over the rainbow bridge to join his other family that needed him. 

We only had 5 years with him.  He was the smallest and the youngest of our pack but, he will leave a huge hole in our hearts and our lives.

 little man

069This is the last picture of the hubs with his little buddy.

We will miss you and always love you Little Man.

This post is dedicated to our fighter.


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