Have  you heard about Bulletproof Coffee?  If not you should go check it out.  Hands down this is the best coffee.  Wait…….  did you check it out?  Did you see the price?  This frugal girl will not spend that for less than a pound of coffee.  Which brings us to my version of the bulletproof coffee.   I use whatever coffee I have on hand, 1 TBS of Troyer butter, 1 TBS coconut oil.  I also put a little almond milk in and then use the immersion blender to make it frothy.  Yummy!   Serious you need to try this.

I have tried to put coconut oil in my coffee before without blending it and that was kinda gross.  The oil just sat on top of the coffee like an oil slick, great picture in your mind huh?  This coffee is so good even the hubs asks for it on occasion. 

If we do not use the special beans grown just for bulletproof coffee can we still call it bulletproof coffee?  Maybe it needs another name?  Regardless it is delicious. 



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