Must listen to…..

Balanced Bites Podcast

This has become one of my favorite podcasts.  These two amazing women introduce topics that I  think about but, they say. 

We should all love ourselves more and criticize less.  Your body size does not matter.  It does not make you  you.  All your parts and pieces together make up who you are.

My favorite part was when Liz said to get naked and dance to Kenny Loggins Footloose, you would absolutely love yourself then.  I do believe this is true.  Try it.

You are amazing.  Go listen to them and believe.

Get more information from these two leaders in the paleo world

Balanced Bites is Diane Sanfilippo’s blog.  She has multiple books available with great information.

Cave Girl Eats is the blog for Liz Wolfe. 

I recommend you follow those links and check out their blogs. 

They are my heroes.



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