The chicken died last weekend.  Upon release from chicken prison she attacked the poor Amy bird again.  Wow.  It was a comedy of errors with the hubs and myself.  I wonder if the neighbors thought we were doing a comical ritual sacrifice.  We skinned her rather than pluck, still funny.  Then the hubs says he can’t clean out the innards so I have to.  Good thing there are lots of blogs to describe stuff on the interwebs.  Who know someday I would be researching how to clean out a chicken.  I did roast her and she was kinda dry and very fatty.  The hubs will not eat her.  Coward.  The three remaining chickens are all happy and flocking together.  It probably means that next year I will need to get at least 2 more shh  don’t tell the hubs.

I had to purchase some eggs this week, it is amazing to me the difference in quality and color of the eggs.  The store bought ones are pretty anemic. 

Since it is fall I decided to try some pumpkin food items. 

This beer Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat is pretty good for a flavored beer. Not as good as their lemon but, still enjoyable.

I tried a pumpkin smoothie and it was meh  2 frozen bananas, 1 cup pumpkin, 1 cup coconut milk, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg.  The frozen bananas made it creamy but, still meh.

My co-worker quit this week.  She is off to a new adventure closer to family.  Happy Trails my friend.  May it be the new beginning you need.

The hubs is trying to teach me start a fire in the fireplace.  Like I need one more thing in my day to do huh?  I am home first so it does make sense, I am also up first on weekends sooo,  my fire from this am is still going.  Woot! Yep just checked and still all firee. 

With this week being Halloween I thought this might be appropriate

At least the title told you I would be rambling today.  Have a great Sunday.



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