The hubs bought me a gift certificate for a massage and facial for Valentine’s Day.  Isn’t that sweet of him? 

Wait  I can hear you now, umm  Cheri…… is October, Valentine’s Day was 7 months ago.  Do you know this?    Actually yes  I procrastinate on items like this.    I think I do not want to do this on a weekend when we are together.  I need to do it on a day off from work.  Then I get a day off and forget to schedule it.  Finally last week I remembered to schedule it.  Friday it was.

Magical.  I love massages.  My masseuse let’s call her Stacie, she wanted to call me Clare so it is fair right?  Great hand strength.  Worked those muscles and made me feel like jello.  It was slightly cool in the room but, otherwise it was Magical. 

For the facial she used hot wet towels.  Ohhhhhh   so wonderful! Thanks hubs for such a great gift.  Smile

I decided to continue my pampering with a pedicure.  That was a mistake.  I went to the same place I usually go, ok I have been there one other time that makes it the usual place right?  They never let me just sit and soak my feet, isn’t that why I am there?  The guy was very rough and had sharp fingernails.    Then when they got busy he wanted me to just sit and wait until he was done with another customer before I could pay and leave.  By then I was done, he had put a black mark on my pampering day.  Note to self find new pedicure parlor.

Thanks hubs for a great day!

Do you pamper yourself?  How?



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