because you know you care.

The chicken is still alive, not because we can’t do the deed but, because the hubs is sick, so sick I had to take him to Urgent Care in Montrose yesterday.  You know a man does not feel good when he voluntarily gets in the care to go to the doc.  The PA was great  much more holistic than most docs these days.  Gave us some ideas to help with the high blood pressure as well.  He will be better soon then the chicken better watch out!  For now she is separate from the others.  The injured one is recovering nicely.

Blizzard obviously likes female undead warlocks as the hubs got his Beta invite on Tuesday.  Bah.  Now his is on Hearthstone all the time showing off his TCG skills.

Within the last year I started using ground oatmeal and almonds as a face wash.  This seemed to work wonders.  Less acne and clear skin.  I was having an issue with my eyes itching, just figured it was my contact solution.  I must have changed contact solution 12 times.  Every time I was in the shower I just wanted to scratch my eyes out!  I would let the water pour over them to no avail.  Last weekend I used oil instead of the mixture…..did not notice any itching.  continued using the oil for the beginning of the week, then Wednesday I used the oatmeal mixture again and this time it was worse!!  Nothing I did made the itching go away, all day my eyes bugged me itchy and red.  Made me wonder…………………is it the oatmeal?  At this point I will stop using it and see what happens.  Today oil and no itching.  Best news I have had lately.  I will be slightly less crazy without all that eye itching.


How is your week?                               The chicken must die!



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