Attack Chicken


As the words imply she is a bad chicken.  Every time that this one

chicken 5

walks by her, the white one gets pecked on her back.  All the feathers are gone from that spot and it is bright red.

Not sure if one is just mean or the other is too docile.  I have heard about the pecking order but, this is getting out of hand.  We separated them for now.  One of the ideas I read about was to put the dominate/mean one in another coop.  She the red is locked up in the run and the the other three are in the small coop. 

The hubs let the three run today and left the mean one in her run.  She is mad and runs around clucking  when I go near.  She still laid and egg.  Crazy chicken. 

Supposedly this separation will put her in a lower position of authority.  No more dominate/mean chicken.  When she is reintroduced to the group she is suppose to be more docile.  We will see.

If this does not work then she will be dinner.  Anyone know how to kill and clean a chicken?  It has been years since I did it.

Ideas?  Will this work?


4 thoughts on “Attack Chicken

  1. Separation works sometimes, but i takes awhile. Wait until a new pecking order is established among the existing flock. That is when you can reintroduce the aggressive one. She will have to start all over to earn her rank… she may or may not. It’s a gamble. Personally I can’t take the drama of a nasty chicken in the flock, I’d rather get rid of the trouble makers.

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