Fan Girl

I am obviously a Blizzard fan girl.  They make great games that I can play for years.  I need a shirt. It should read ‘”Blizzard fan girl may be contagious.’”

Like I mentioned here I got an invitation to the Hearthstone Beta.  I have been playing it this weekend, of course. The hubs did not get an invitation.  I  believe it is because Blizzard does not like males playing undead female warlocks.  Just my opinion.

If you like card games Pokémon style then this is the game for you.

You get to play as one of 9 heroes.  These heroes come from the lore of Warcraft.  You start, or I did, as Jaina Proudmoore the mage.  You fight with other heroes with cards as you level up your hero you get better cards.  If you do the daily quests you get cards.  you can also purchase cards, you know I will not be doing any of that.   Shaman, Druid, Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Rogue these are currently the  hero classes available. 

The rogue is the toughest one out there.  I say this based on one of my battles with a friend, he kicked my butt, and all the podcasters out there say it is the hardest to beat.

Amazingly I am having fun playing on the warrior.  Figured it would be the druid huh?  me too, however; maybe at a higher level it is better right now I am getting my butt kicked every time.   

Blizzard is making an IPad version of this game as well.   Just imagine my hours at work spent playing Hearthstone.  Wait does my boss read this?  I will only play on my breaks, promise.

I am off to make soap, who am I kidding I am going to play Hearthstone Winking smile.



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