That is my feeling for today. Meh.

I am trying to make lotion from scratch. You know 1.2 oz. almond oil, .2 oz. scent. 

My scale does not do the decimal point it does the fraction.  I have always hated fractions.  Why do they not convert so easily in my head?  The scale says 1/8, 1/4 3/5 5/8.  Really?!?!  Which of those is .2? or the other hard one was .7.  In my head I just saw ?

Do I need another scale?  More math classes?  Google?  Maybe I will have to play Google to find my answer.  Goggle gives great answers.

But, first I must go buy coffee.  Woke up, went to make coffee and empty!  Ok, off to the store, hate the store.  Must get coffee.  Must.

Enjoy your Sunday



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