Again with the Worms?

Do you remember me getting worms? Here? They did not survive the summer in their home.  Poor fellows had mold issues, they wound up in the garage then dumped into the garden.

I have learned a few things since then.

  1. more bedding
  2. less food they eat their weight in food, if they only weight 1/2 pound do not give them 10 lbs..
  3. they love cardboard

With those things in mind I believe I want to try again.  The worms that were released into the garden will help there.  I find it amazing that I did not kill them but, did something good for them after my mess up. I read on Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm that you can place the little guys directly in the earth (breaking news on the earth worm front) and they will survive.  Crazy newfangled ideas.

My new plan is to buy bedding and possibly food for the first few months, I want that black gold dirt I keep reading about.

Imagine how wonderful  your vegetables will taste with that, Yummy!

I also want the worm tea as fertilizer.

In that vein I think I will put more holes in the worm container home, cover the inside with screen to prevent escapes, place worm home into a larger yet shallow container to collect the tea. 

I will feed them lots of cardboard, eggshells and , go easy on the veggie matter to eliminate the mold factor. 

That is my plan.

What do you think?  Will my second go produce better results?


4 thoughts on “Again with the Worms?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I do know how your dear hubs feels about the no-till, what do they call it? Permaculture? Anyways, this year in our garden with no tilling, I have seen many more worms whenever I have had a need to dig a hole. But everything I read says to till to get rid of grasshopper larvae, so I’m not sure which way to go here.

  2. I had a fruit fly infestation that took over the wormery, but I was also guilty of overfeeding them. I should have given them more egg cartons too. I say give it another go; I’m going to try next spring again.

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