We had the cutest Yorkie pup work his way into our yard on Friday and walked in the house like he owned it.  He is about 6-9 months old and still has that wonderful puppy breath.

004 The Hubs went around the neighborhood and could not find an owner.  All the vets were called and our name and number were left with them.  I also called the local shelter and so far no one is missing him Sad smile.

One of my work friends seems to want him.  All was well until I drove into the yard.  My little man started doing his barking routine and this guy attacked him.  It then happened again on the couch, we broke that up and all seemed well.  As the dogs and I were snuggling in for the night little man was routing through the covers and this guy walked right up to him and attacked.  gnawing his ear and growling. Lost dog got thrown outside to cool off and then disappeared.  We figured he went back home.

Saturday morning we had no power so, off to breakfast we went, did our errands all the while it was raining.  After we got back home we heard some scratching at the door and, yep  he was outside wanting in. 

The hubs was like NO, he attacked little man.  I brought him in and dried him off and went to town to find a muzzle, then took the guy with me back to the store to get the right size muzzle.  Who knew that helped.

001We now call him Hannibal.  We have to keep him for 5 days so, poor guy has a muzzle on.

Of course we did not want him to sleep with us and  cause any trouble so we put him in another bedroom and about 1:30 he started barking and little man started waking me up to go check on him.  Little man paced the bed and whined at me every time this guy barked or whined.  All this ruckus meant I was not sleeping, it was just easier to get up and sleep on the couch with everyone. They all stacked on me and I finally got some sleep. 

The muzzle makes the humans feel better about keeping him for 5 days, and it makes little man feel like he will not get attacked.

What would you do with a stray dog?


3 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Good for you, for taking in t”Hannibal”, even though it complicates things! No doubt he’s feeling lost and vulnerable, which can’t be helping his mood. Have you tried having him scanned for a microchip? I wonder if a local vet might do it for you for free, to help maybe get him back home…

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