Chicken Jail

Our chickens were free range.  They were bad chickens getting in the garden, on the brick ledge to look in the windows, in the front yard.  We were worried they would go in the neighbors yard. This meant they were to be sentenced to chicken jail.

The hubs had to build a run to attach to the coop.

coopWe purchased the coop when the chickens were little.  It was great for them to sleep and lay their eggs not so good to live in.

coop 2

TADA!  Chicken run attached to coop.

coop 3

The hubs spent an afternoon getting this run made.  He did a great job.  I am always amazed at how handy my hubs is.   This is chicken wire, pvc pipe and plywood. 

The chickens would love to leave their jail but for now the sentence is permanent.  I may allow a daily reprieve on occasion, we shall see.

Do you free range your chickens or put them in jail?



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