Beta Invites


Blizzard Entertainment has a new beta on the gaming scene.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft.

This is similar to Magic the Gathering or other Trading Card Games.  This game can be used on a Windows or Mac with an IPad version to come later.  Blizzard had been talking about his game since the spring.  It will be free to play with micro-transactions available. Good news for the frugal girl.

It is currently in closed beta with invites only going to fan-sites.  I should be a fan-site, naw too much work.  I want a beta key.  Hmm would it be worth it?  Doubt it, they would probably not consider me at this late stage.

I am signed up for when the game goes into open beta.  Bribery, would that work?

As we all know I listen to podcasts on my drive.  All my favorite podcasters are talking about this game.  How enjoyable it is.  One of the podcasts spent over an hour discussing the cards, the interface,how to pick a deck, how to get decks without spending real world money,(we know that is for me), character select, game mechanics. This sounds like a fun game with many levels to the game play.

I want to play.

If I beg do you think they would give me a beta key?

Instead of the girl standing at the store saying  open, open, open.  I am the girl by the computer saying let me play, let me play, let me play.

For now I will get my Hearthstone fix from podcasts until the game comes out.  There is always streaming on Twitch.TV  to see some of the action……….must go.  Games to watch.

Do you enjoy games in beta?



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