PC Games

As we all know I am a nerd.  I listen to podcasts and play games, I even listen to podcasts about games.  I know right?

One of my favorite podcasts is ladies of Leet.  They are 3 ladies that love to play video games and talk about it.  The reviews are great and they recommend both PC , console, and IPad.    Have a listen if you want some female point of view for gaming.  They are fairly hardcore.  They play all those games I can’t due to my motion sickness, however; I love hearing them talk about those games.

The ladies recommended a game site Big Fish Gaming.  This site has PC and IPad/IPhone games for a great price.  There are free games as well as  ones for purchase.  You know me I go for the free.

This is the game I downloaded to my IPad.  It is free to play with micro transactions to allow you to play longer and for cash. As a strictly free player I find it enjoyable with out being too boring.  You get an area to explore and must find objects hidden in the picture.  You level up like any other game and then get more areas to explore.  You use a type of energy to search the areas, when I run out of energy I log out for the day and play another game.

If you are looking for some inexpensive yet enjoyable game I highly recommend Big Fish.

Do you have a gaming site recommendation?


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