Roasting Veggies

I came by a great deal at Bountiful Baskets this week.  25 pounds of green chilies for less than 20 dollars.  You know I love a deal

chiliesSo what to do with chilies?  Why roast them of course.

chiles 2 I decided to roast them on the grill as it was just too hot to use broil on my oven.  The hubs watched and laughed, his usual response to my antics.  The son arrived in the middle and pretty much ignored what I was doing, but did offer helpful advice to use a trash bag to put  the peppers in to steam, great idea.

At this point I should have a picture of the roasted peppers, well, that is not going to happen as I forgot to take one.

I do have a great picture of little man

 little man

he stole a chili that landed on the ground, he was determined to  work his way through it.

frozen chilies I clearly have issues taking pictures during projects.  This one is of the chilies after a night in the freezer.  I am a horrible taker of the pictures forgive me, I am getting a little better(see the first two pictures.)

The process for roasting peppers goes like this

  • roast on grill or broil in over in single layer
  • place in baggie or bowl with lid to steam- this allows the skins to be removed easier
  • wait anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many chilies you have
  • take the outer skin off and the stem
  • place in containers to freeze or eat immediately

I have enough for approximately 13 dinners, based on the amount you should can/put up  for a year this would equal one bag of chilies every two weeks. 

This was my first endeavor roasting chilies and putting them away for the year.  It was fun but, lots of work.  Maybe next year I will buy roasted chilies, naw  probably not I am too cheap for that.

Do you roast chilies?  Or do you buy pre-roasted?



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