Chicken update

The chickens are funny and stressful creatures. 

This last week we moved their coop from here—

001by the house.


To here —–

003by their favorite tree.

You would think they would love this, I know I do.  Less noise on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Boy those birds are loud.

The first night of the coop move, when lights out came, the hubs went out to lock them up, he than came back in and said we have 2 in the coop we must find the rest.  So in the dark, while wearing my jammies and slippers we were in the backyard with a flashlight doing the chicken search……..where did we find them?  on the ledge near where their coop had been.


With the new views and location those chickens should be happy, their home is by their tree and in more shade but, noooo    they want it back where it was. 

I am the people and it will stay where I put it, for now.

How do your chickens handle a move?



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