My psu arrived on Thursday just as Newegg said it would.  YEA!!!  I am back up and running.  As promised here is my  review  of one IPAD game I purchased.  Yes this girl actually purchased a game,  it was only $0.99.  So frugal girl still wins, maybe.  You can also purchase additional DLC for only $0.99.

Scribblenauts-remix is the game I chose.  This link takes you to the iTunes page. I had lots of fun the first few days with this game.  you play a character named Maxwell.   Maxwell has adventures you must get him out of by coming up with a word, the game will then create the word and Maxwell must use it, or give it to someone else to complete the level.

Each level must be completed once, then you have to do it 3 more times to get the gold crown, which is their version of an achievement.  For the 3  times you can not repeat any word.  Makes you think.  The game will give you 3 hints, the first hint is what you are trying to do, the next two come at 30 second intervals and just nudge you along the road.

My favorite level was where you had to create character or movies for a horror movie.  The scene was a house in the woods with lights, camera and a director. The hints for this level were zombie and ghost.  I made a chicken zombie, dog vampire, and cat ghost.  I then had to do it three more times, parrot zombie and turkey vampire, so funny, the vampires are hilarious as they have two little pointy teeth to differentiate between normal and vampire.

A five star review was in this games future. Then…… Monday afternoon I changed my avatar to God, yes God can be your avatar. This completely reset the game.  I had made it to world three after the reset I was back on world one level one.  The game also made me get a gold crown for each level before I could move on.  Also I was unable to advance to the next world, it stayed locked regardless of what I did.

The hubs started messing around on Monday night and thought …….. maybe we can remove it and reload and it will reset.  Nope.  Just in case you were also going to try this don’t.  We again had to start at world one, level one.  This is a known failure and there are many complaints to the company regarding this.

In the end I have to say pass on this one, it is not worth the frustration, one star is all I will give.

Have you had a game that started great and ended with a bomb?


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