This is an open letter to my family and friends. 

Life is short.  Remember to tell those you love that you do love them, tell them on a regular basis.  Don’t let the small, unimportant things take a huge place in your life.  Enjoy the good, and the bad they both make up your life.  Without the bad how would we be able to appreciate the good?

You think I have all the time in the world, the world may have other ideas.  No one stays with us forever.  We also do not have forever to accomplish those items on our bucket lists.  Start today with a small one. 

I want my family and friends to know that I love you, each one of you.  I appreciate what you do for me and am glad you are in my life.  My life would be less bright without each one of you.

Today tell someone how much you appreciate them, don’t let another day go by without doing this, there may not be another day.




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