This morning I went to let the girls out for the day.  They were quieter than normal.  Seemed strange, hmmm.  I opened the big door and they just kinda milled around.  I was still thinking……something is going on.  So I opened the smaller door,  the golf ball we had stuck in to let them know ***this is where you lay your eggs***   was moved.  It has not been moved at all except by us.  It was sitting by their food.  I glanced back to the nest and there was something there!   I went to the other door and


Our first egg.  small but, what a good girl, kicked out the golf ball and laid her egg. 

002It is smaller than a normal egg but, one of my co-workers says they must learn to lay and stretch the hole then they will get bigger.

When I spoke to the hubs later this morning …….

004There was a second egg!!!  

Way to go girls!

Do you like eggs?  Fresh?  Do you buy them?


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