Today I was going to be writing about a new video game that I found. You know how life can just change your mind from one minute to the next?  Yep happened to me today.

I found a new item of interest in the back yard. Curious?

This morning about 720 the chickens started squawking like crazy… then Chief, who was in the house, tore outside like someone bit his butt. 

I look out the backdoor to see……………….

deer1a deer just beyond my fence.

deer 2

deer 3

Once I went outside the chickens must have thought they were safer, they ran to their tree and hid,  Chief and Little man had some ruffled fur and lots of barks.  Even Amber got in on the action with some occasional barks, loud and deep. 

The poor deer appeared to be lost and every time she would come near our yard those dogs went nuts.  The area she was in houses horses.  When she finally got out she ran near the horses and they went slightly crazy, running and neighing.  I would have figured that the horses would have been better than the dogs.  Nope. 

Great way to start the day.

Any pleasant surprises in your day?


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