My garden is planted and things are starting to grow.  I am proud of my effort to grow something from seeds.  

It is not a huge garden, however; for only my second year and first time with seeds I am proud.




I think I am most amazed by the lettuce.  I forgot where it was planted and was not watering it.  I know rookie mistake.  Label the rows.   The lettuce decided to grow in spite of me.  I also have some very small green onions that have not received any water.  Thank goodness for rain and very proliferative weeds that showcased the onions.

I am glad that for the most part veggies thrive despite my feeble attempts.  One of my tomato plants that I purchased is not thriving, in fact I would be amazed if it is still going tomorrow.  Not sure what happened, all the others are doing great.

Do you garden?  Any special veggies?


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