When I started planning my early release from work I started calling around to the greenhouses in my area to see if anyone had any non-gmo plants.  Generally the answer was no.  Really?  How come their seeds are non-gmo but the plants are not?  My co-worker told me to call Bookcliff Gardens.  Thanks Cathy!  They are the best plants.  Big, beautiful and non-gmo.




garden 2

Don’t you just love Spring?   After my eventful trip to the greenhouse I spent the afternoon planting my vegetables and playing in the dirt.  It was such a fun afternoon.  Anyone that knew me as a child would think I had lost my mind.  I hated to get dirty and despised pulling weeds FYI  I still hate pulling weeds but, I have found I love dirt.  It is therapeutic to make something grow or keep it alive.  Sometimes I have a hard time with the keeping it alive part.

I planted tomatoes about 6 different varieties, peppers bell, cayenne, jalapeno, and one habanero plant.   I also planted  chamomile and parsley and one cucumber plant.  I only got one cucumber plant because the greenhouse that I went to was out of cucumber plants except for just a couple of pickling cucumber plants..  I have a cucumber addiction so I will settle for any kind I can get and maybe I will learn to make pickles this year.

I want to be able to grow my own plants from seeds and have them flourish and prosper, however; I need help.  Either plant earlier, get a greenhouse, just give up the idea.  What do you think I should do?  The hubs wants a greenhouse, have you seen the prices? Or the construction?


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