Date Day

Yesterday  the hubs and I spent the day in Grand Junction.  We attended the Grand Valley Beer Festival.



Isn’t that the coolest invention?

The hubs favorite beer was from Dirty Hippie from Palisade Brewing Company.

By the end of the day his favorite became the one in front of the bicycle.

Copper Club Brewing Company is a homebrew store and a microbrew.  They offer classes and great information.  The hubs favorite was F-Town Amber.  I must admit I also voted for them as it was a smooth non hoppy beer. 

My favorite was from 10th and Blake Beer Company  the Redd’s Apple Ale.  Yummy!

We spent a pleasant couple of hours there before heading to the movie theater to see

Great movie!  I loved the story and all the action. I feel the new cast does an amazing job at portraying the original characters.  Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is incredible.  His mannerism and affectations are so close to William Shatner.  Zachary Quinto as Spock does an impressive job at no human feelings and yet showing a  human side to him.  I say see the movie on the big screen.

How was your Saturday?  Do anything fun?


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